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Sitia - the ancient gateway of the European Culture !

Sitia is the mild, calm, sweet face of Crete. One very beautiful town located at the south eastern end of Crete. One town with a continuous presence to the historical life of the island, starting from the very ancient time. Sitia is built in the shape of an amphitheatre with a glorious view of the Sitia Bay. The Sitians, the inhabitants of Sitia, are descendants of the Minoans, the Eteocretans, as the poet Homer told, were known for their inborn merry and hospitable way of life and their aptitude for poetry, rhyme and the arts.

“And even today, Sitia is the land of laughter, fun and creativity. A Land in which life is fully affirmed. A land which proudly continues a great tradition of contribution to letters, science and the arts” as Melina Mercouri, ex. Minister of Culture in Greece, herself says.
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